Dairy Farmer Commits Suicide

It was known on June 13 that a dairy farmer in his 50’s in Soma City, Fukushima prefecture who lost his business after his cows being culled, committed suicide, leaving a note that said “Only if there was no nuclear power plant.”

According to his relatives and friends, his body was discovered hanged in a shed on June 11. On the wall of the shed, he wrote in white chalk, ‘I lost my will to work.’ and ‘To other dairy farmers, please don’t be defeated by the nuclear power plant.’

In the area where he lived, unprocessed milk was forbidden to be sold and he had to get rid of milk after milking his cows. Until the beginning of June, 30 of his cows were culled. His father started the dairy farm and his sister told us(Yomiuri Newspaper) ‘When I think of my children, I wish not to talk about my brother’s death. But I need to when I think of the nuclear power plant.’

According to other dairy farmer who knew him, the man repeatedly said ‘because this area is not designated as a no-go zone, we will not get any compensation (from the government).’ “Every time I spoke to him, he said ‘I lost everything because of the nuclear power plant (the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.)’

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2 responses to “Dairy Farmer Commits Suicide

  1. marja kokkonen

    I feel it is very important, that people around the world know, how it is going with people on the no go-zone. I have deep sympathy with him who commits the suicide. I can not understand why the government can do that to citizens who were hit by the earthquake and tsunami. The government is like senseless and cold, they do not try to understand how it feels to loose all animals and pets and home, everything you have to live. The only one what is left is yourself and clothes you have on you. It is a deep misery and the government is not doing anything.

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