Reunion of pets and their owners

Here are some footages of animals reunited with their owners.

Here are some photos I found on online news websites.

Mr. and Mrs. Sugawara lost her only child and her grandson in the Tsunami on March 11, 2011. They were reunited with Koro, a 7-year-old mix breed her grandson was with at the time of the disaster, after 28 days. (From Asahi News)

A three-legged cat Nora was reunited with her 88-year-old owner after 50 days. She was found underneath their damaged home full of debris (From Asahi News).

A cat ‘Marin’ that was rescued from the 20km Fukushima no-go zone was reunited with her family around April 8, after nearly one month of separation.
The person talking in these videos belongs to a staff member at TNT Japan Animal Welfare Hospital located in Kanagawa, next to Tokyo. The family was looking for Marin on Internet, and found her photo and came to bring her back to their temporal or new home Niigata (some 322km, or 200 miles away from Kanagawa).

After 25 days, a woman at last finds one of her three cats trapped at her destroyed home in Miyagi. The woman says to the cat as she weeps, ‘this is great, it’s your mom, I’ve been waiting for you for ever…’ She has been going back and forth to the house from her relative’s house where she temporarily stays, to look for her missing cats.

Happily reunited 2 days after she was rescued.

This footage shows the reunion of an owner and his horse after tsunami.

The horse’s rear leg was trapped between the debris. He was so happy to be rescued and reunited with his owner. Look how he brushes himself up on the owner, as if to say ‘oh I’m so glad you came for me!!’

A reporter accompanies a woman to investigate her tsunami-hit house. In the beginning of the footage, she explains him that she tried to look for her cat before she escaped with no success of finding the cat.

As they walk around the house, her showing the reporter the damages on the house, they hear a cat meowing. The cat called ‘non-non’, was safe and sound hiding on the second floor in the house. You can tell the woman’s relief in her voice when she says ‘oh I’m so glad…’ A happy reunion.