Organizations That Help Animals

Here is the list of non-profit organizations (NPO) who are working very hard to help both animals and their owners, or animals of those who lost their owners. Many NPOs and individuals from all over Japan are rescuing animals from the streets as well as the evacuated zone where people are not allowed to get in, and/or offering  shelters to keep these animals for unlimited period of time at free of charge. If you would also like to be part in helping them, your contributions from abroad are surely appreciated.

Please note that this list was created solely by my own judgement. If any NPO is missing, please let me know. The list is in a random order. Please also note that making donations via PayPal is no longer possible as the rules changed in Japan

  1. Inu Neko Minashigo Kyuentai (literally translated ‘Dog Cat Orphan Rescue Team’)
    The organization, a NPO approved private organization, was established in February 2006. It has been active in offering abandoned or unwanted pets no-kill permanent shelters. For this disaster, it sends in a team to rescue dogs and cats in the nuclear evacuation zone as well as provide shelters to pets that lost their owners, or owners who lost their homes. They travel from Hiroshima, where it’s located, to the disaster area that’s approximately more than 1,000km (600 miles)! Contributions such as dog/cat food, milk powder, tissues, toys, etc is welcome, according to their website.
    Location address: Inu Neko Minashigo Kyuentai, Ooaza Imaida 690, Kabe-Cho, Asakita-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima 731-0234, JAPAN
    For money transfer:
    Account number – 3102619
    Account name – NPO Inuneko Minashigo Kyuentai
    Bank name – Hiroshima Bank Ltd.
    Bank branch name – Yasushiten
    Swift code – HIROJPJT
    This is a footage broadcasted on TV for their activities to save as many unwanted pets as possible in 2010, before the disaster.
  2. Dobutsu Inochi no Kai Iwate (Iwate prefecture)
    They are looking for food and foldable cages for the animals rescued from the Tsunami-hit regions.
  3. Ishinomaki Dobutsu Kyugo Center (Miyagi pref.)
    The organization manages and controls information related to ‘animals’ in Ishimaki City, Higashi Matsushima City and Onagawa-cho.
  4. Niigata Dobutsu Network (Niigata pref.)
    The organization gives support and assistance for evacuees with pets who are relocating to Niigata prefecture.
  5. SPCA (Tokyo)
    The organization is looking for volunteers who can take care of pets temporarily around the Tokyo area.
  6. Tokyo Cat Guardian (Tokyo)
    The organization is lending out animal traps and taking calls for advice on caring cats in the Tsunami aftermath.
  7. Inu Neko Kyuzai no Wa (Kanagawa pref.)
    The organization is taking in cats from the Tsunami-hit regions as much as its space permits.
  8. Cat Paw Club (Aichi pref.)
    It’s also looking for individuals who could come together to the Tsunami-hit areas for animal rescue.Others
  9. Maigo Dobutsu Joho no Keijiban
    Managing information for people looking for their pets or people who is looking for rescued animals’ owners.
  10. Tohoku Dog Cat
    Managing information for people looking for their pets, people who is looking for rescued animals’ owners and ‘rescue request’.
  11. Hisai Dobutsu Sodanjo
    Giving advice on pets’ health care
  12. Animal Refuge Kansai
    Receiving donations and pets for temporal care.
  13. Nihon Dobutsu Aigo Kyokai
    Delivering pet food and goods to the Tsunami-hit areas. Also accepting donations.
    Rescue, delivery of food and goods and accepting donations.
  15. Natural Dog Style
    Collecting signatures to secure and build more shelters and temporary housings for people together with their pets.
  16. SORA
    Accepting goods for the pets
  17. Nihon Animal Trust
    Accepting pets for temporal care
  18. Tier Heim Japan
    Newspaper providing breaking newson rescued dogs and cats.
  19. Kinkyu Saigaiji Dobutsu Shien Honbu
    This organization was created after the Tsunami to rescue animals by:
    1.  Japan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
    2.  Japan Pet Care Association
    3.  Japan Animal Welfare Society
    4.  Japan Veterinary Medical Association
  20. JAZA
    Accepting donations for zoos and aquariums which suffered from the Tsunami.
  21. JEARS
    A  collaboration of three established and registered no kill animal rescue NPOs in Japan.
  22. Animal Aid (Saitama prefecture)
    This group is dedicated in rescuing and looking for new families for abandoned dogs and cats. This is one of the few organizations that still enter within the 20km no-entry zone in Fukushima.
    Money transfer:
    Account name – Animal Aido Shibata Emiko
    Account number – 5192931
    Bank name – Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
    Branch name – Omiya
    Swift code – BOTKJPJT
  23. Dobutsu aigo dantai Angels
    The animal rescue team has rescued more than 500 dogs and cats from the Tsunami-hit area.
    Money transfer:
    Account name – Dobutu Aigo Dantai Angels
    Account number – 598577
    Bank name – Saga Bank
    Branch name – Imazu branch
    Swift code – SIGAJPJT
  24. Animal Refuge Kansai
    A NPO run by an English lady in West Japan, sheltering dogs cats from the disaster.
    The website in English also available. 
  25. Hoshi Family
    Mr. Hoshi’s family and his friends go inside the exclusion zone to rescue and feed animals.
  26. Nyanda Guard (Tokyo)
    An organization that developed a simple yet useful automatic feeding device for inside the exclusion zone in hope of keeping animals left alone fed in the cold winter. The device is available to other organizations at free of charge.