Loss of Innocent Lives – graphic warning

Because the Japanese national and local governments didn’t have specific law or guidelines on how to handle both domestic and farm animals in an emergency situation such as the recent mega earthquake and Tsunami disaster that led to the damaging of nuclear power plants in Fukushima followed by mass evacuations of people living within the distance of 20km, there was no immediate actions to care  them. Thus rescuing dogs, cats and other domestic animals were carried out mainly by the ordinary people such as NPOs and individuals geared in protective suits from radioactive substances, while governments have been busy at a table discussing what to do. However, there is a limit to rescue all 5,800 registered dogs and unknown number of cats in the area as they don’t have enough physical, material and financial resources which comes from donations.

Although there are some progress in saving lives of both domestic and farm animals in the 20km no-go zone by the government, it’s been nearly two and a half months since the disaster and many animal lives have perished in the meantime.


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