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Skateboarding for Animals in Fukushima

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Four teenage boys in the Netherlands traveled 165km on their skateboards trying to motivate people to give financial support to Animals in Fukushima. Animal Rights for Japan donated the 65 Euro that were collected by their efforts to NGO HOSHI FAMILY … Continue reading


Interested in Holding a Panel Exhibition in Your Country?

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If you or your organization is interested in holding a panel exhibition in your country to let your people know the situation of the left-behind animals within the 20km Fukushima no-go zone in Japan as well as to let your … Continue reading


Donations by PayPal or bank transfer

To those animal lovers outside Japan who have inquired me on how to make donations to organizations that help the animals affected by the tsunami and nuclear plant accident, I’ve added some details  in the ‘Organizations that help Animals’ page. … Continue reading


Current Status, May 3, 2011

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Ever since the nuclear no-go zone was closed for entry, many angry organizations and individuals in Japan as well as some from overseas have been working extremely hard to; 1) press the national/local governments and politicians to let NPOs enter … Continue reading

Petition to Allow Animal Rescue in Japan’s Nuclear Evacuation Zone

A petition site Care2 is asking people to sign a petition to Japanese Kan Prime Minister at: Many pets and livestock are slowly starving to death within the zone.

IFAW convenes nuclear radiation experts for landmark animal rescue summit in Japan

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) is organizing a gathering of radiation and animal rescue experts from the United States and Japan to discuss the current crisis and develop steps to provide aid to animals inside the evacuation zone. The team of experts will meet from May 2 -3 at the International House of Japan in Tokyo.

From ‘The Fabulous Animal Rescue Project’