Individuals Enter Nuclear Evacuation Zone To Rescue Pets

This is the thread of footages and images I found on YouTube and other media where ordinary people (NPOs and individuals) enter the nuclear evacuation zone, within 20km (12 miles) from the nuclear power plant that failed to function and thus leaking radiation materials into air and water, risking their health (lives?) to rescue pets that were left on their own when people were forced out of the area. Many animals in the zone are roaming, kepts inside their homes or chained and many of them are slowly starving to death.

A group of foreigners living in Japan rescuing pets can be viewed at

NPOs/volunteers entering the nuclear evacuation zone to rescue animals. Many are tied in chain and unable to seek food; they are starving to death. I wish to insert subtitles myself, but one can understand the whole picture.

A shiba dog waiting patiently for his owner in front of a convenience store (within 10km (6 miles) from the Fukushima nuclear power plant):

Rescuing cats from within the 10km (6 miles) evacuation zone in Fukushima:
Rescuing cats from within the 20km (12 miles) evacuation zone in Fukushima:

Three young men entering the evacuation zone to find dogs that were left on their own, all heavily covered in raincoats and jackets so as to protect themselves from the radiation materials as much as possible. They appear to be individual volunteers.

All six rescued dogs in cage didn’t fit in the car… Bringing them out of the danger zone.