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Animals Clinging to Life Inside Fukushima No-Go Zone – 5

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As always, rescuers went inside the no-goze to rescue dogs and cats. Soon they saw a small animal running away from their car, seemingly surprised by the car headlights. They thought it was a fox, but decided to investigate, soon … Continue reading


Two Lives Miraculously Survived Tsunami

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Two lives have come to join a small crowd at one horse barn in Minamisoma recently. They are Dantsumuso, a horse and Hana, a dog. They have gone through a tremendous experience that it’s almost a miracle that they survived … Continue reading

Evacuees get home visits of 5 hours

The Japan Times said on April 26, 2011, the Japanese government announced that evacuees (1 person per household) from the no-go nuclear zone can go home to collect their valuables for up to 5 hours. Whether they could bring back pets and cars or not is yet to be decided. In the no-go zone where there are 887 cows, 80 horses, 6,200 pigs and 260,000 chickens, animal cull also has began. For more details, please access here.

A NPO Entering the Nuclear Evacuation Zone

Here is a link to an article with photos of starving dogs in chain in English  http://photo.sankei.jp.msn.com/essay/data/2011/04/0418inside20/ (April 18, 2011: MSN Sankei Newspaper)