Photo Exhibition on Abandoned Animals to be Held in The Netherlands!!

After more than 1 & half years since the tsunami struck on March 11, 2012 and subsequently nuclear disaster taken place in Fukushima, a photo exhibition will be held in the Netherlands presenting photos of animals inside the Fukushima 20km no-go zone.

The exhibition will be held at Huis Marseille Photography Museum from 3 to October 14, 2012 in Amsterdam. For details, please visit: Huis Marseille – Abandoned Animals of Fukushima

The event will be coincided with World Animal Day on October 4. A lot of major news agencies are/will be running some articles or talks!!

The photos are works of Yasusuke Ota, a photographer and volunteer who still today goes inside the restricted zone to feed the animals. According to Mr. Ota, there are now about no more than 20 people entering the area to rescue and/or feed the abandoned.

There is no entry fee but donation is welcome.


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