Farm Animals Can Now Live

An article from one major news agency in Japan on April 5, 2012.

The government now allows keeping livestock inside the 20km no-go zone alive, but reproducing and transporting them not allowed.

On 5th, the governemt decided to change its policy from culling the livestock that’s still alive inside the 20km no-go zone to allowing them to live, if farm owners wish to do so. The conditions are that the livestock must be remained isolated and transporting them to another locations or reproduction are not allowed. This is in response to the local farmers voice of ‘we want to let them live to the end, even if selling is not possible.’

In May 2011, the government set up a policy to euthanize all livestock inside the Fukushima’s 20km no-go zone with permission from the owners. However, due to the reconsideration of areas to be permanently closed, evacuees can now return homes in some areas. As a result, they concluded that farm animals can be kept alive.


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