Mr. Matsumura Likely to Get His Permit Back to Stay and Feed Animals inside the 20km Exclusion Zone

We were all outraged when we learnt that Mr. Matsumura, a man in his 50’s who has been living and feeding livestocks and pets on his own within the exclusion zone inside Fukushima ever since the nuclear accident last year in March, lost his permit to continue his routines any longer.

The reason was that he apparently ‘interrupted’ when an Tomioka-machi official (yes, only one man!) tried to cull cattle in the area. However, the truth is, according to Minashigo InuNeko Rescue, Mr. Matsumura was just simply asking the man if he could stop it because he wants to take care of the cattle. This has been video-taped. So the official decided not to and went back to the town, and Mr. Matsumura’s permit was taken away.

At any rate, thanks to many of those who were angered by this Tomioka-Machi officials’ decision, the town hall has been overloaded with angry calls, emails and faxes from all over Japan (probably from overseas as well.). Minashigo has been working closely with Tomioka-Machi ever since the disaster last year, and with the pressure added by Minashigo, Ms. Yuri Nakatani who leads the organization, now thinks Tomioka-Machi will be giving back the permit to Mr. Matsumura.

More news to follow.

Mr. Matsumura (a photo from conference held in early March

Mr. Matsumura (photo from conference held in early March)


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