Six Ostriches Have Been Safely Captured Inside The Fukushima Exclusion Zone


There was news last month in January about six roaming ostriches inside the Fukushima exclusion zone that they have been safely captured.


They are now kept at a farm in Tomioka-Cho. In earlier times, it was said the ostrich farm owner near the Daiichi Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant agreed with the government they be put down, but I’ve been told by one of the big rescue organization who’s been taken up recently in international news that the owner had in fact never agreed to that. However, no one knows what is going happen to them.


Uchino Utamaru, one of the active rescuers and a photographer, has located them and taken some photos. He confirmed the news that six of them have been captured (rescued??) is true.



A lot of animal rescuers who have been approached by the roaming birds for food when they were inside the zone to rescue and feed dogs and cats are very sympathetic with these birds and calling for the government not to waste their lives.



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