A Total of 332 Pets Rescued by Private Animal Protection Organizations

An article from Mainichi Newspaper on January 7, one of the major papers in Japan.

(Headline) A total of 332 pets were rescued from the Fukushima Daiichi No-Entry Zone by Private Animal Protection Organisations

On the issue of pets that were left on their own within the ‘No-Go Zone’, the Ministry of Environment announced on January 6 that a total of 332 dogs and cats were rescued out of the zone by private animal welfare organizations, which were granted official permit by the Ministry to enter area in December 2011.

Sixteen organizations that submitted their plans to rescue and were given permit, rescued 34 dogs and 298 cats.

Ever since the area was closed on April 22, 2011, pets in the area were rescued by the Ministry of Environment and Fukushima Prefecture. However, they couldn’t take care of the work in time and since there is now a possibility that these pets could die from the cold in the winter, they decided to get a help from private organizations.

The Ministry will investigate on the number of pets that are still inside the zone to see what measure to be taken.

— Yeah right.  Japanese governments barely did the job. It was those private organizations who rescued them out of the area.
— Minashigo Dog Cat Kyuentai alone rescued 10 dogs and 72 cats during their 7-day ‘legal’ mission.
— UKC Japan, who was persistently pressing the government to let private organizations to take care of the rescue for many many months and who was the first one to get the permit, has rescued 15 dogs and 21 cats during their December 7th-27th mission.


One response to “A Total of 332 Pets Rescued by Private Animal Protection Organizations

  1. What more has happened since ABC Nightly News focused on the dogs left to starve on their 3-11-12 edition? They said two dozen die daily. Who is going in? Where is it publicized? Where can donations be sent? What international animal welfare organizations are helping? Can the animals be adopted?

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