What Happened to ‘Loyal Dogs’ Broadcated on TV After Tsunami?

On November 3, an organizatioin working for Field of Hope reported it made sure that one of the two loyal dogs is doing well.

The news of the loyal dogs was broadcasted around the world after the 3.11 tsunami in Japan this year. A brown and white dog didn’t leave his friend, a white dog, who appeared to be very weak laying in the muddy field that was washed by the tsunami.

One individual has located the brown and white dog while working on the rescuing of dogs and cats after 3.11, just recently.

Apparently, the dog was found by the owner after the broadcast and is living well with her owner ever since. Her name is Me’i.

The footage of the dog can be viewed here.

The whereabout of the white dog is not known yet. The owner of this dog is with all his might searching for the dog still today. The dog’s name is Ri’i.


3 responses to “What Happened to ‘Loyal Dogs’ Broadcated on TV After Tsunami?

  1. that is nice but you don’t know what happened to white dog or the dog’s owner didn’t claim the white dog? Why didn’t the owner of this brown and white dog take both dogs together?

  2. Dedicated to the Mystery Surrounding the 2 Tsunami Dogs

    Thank you for posting this story. Your clearly state the facts about the 2 tsunami dogs. And, I am grateful for the correct spelling of their names. I am glad to see that you have let people know that the owner is still looking for the white setter.

  3. I am glad to hear about this story. The one thing I noticed is the dog is chained. Why? I hope he is happy and loved. I also hope the white dog can be found. Whoever rescue those 2 dogs should know a little bit more about the location of the white dog.

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