Dogs & Cats to Be Captured Inside Fukushima 20km No-Go Zone

An article from Yahoo News

November 6, 2011: In order to capture dogs and cats around the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power plant that are left alone due to the nuclear accident, Kyoto prefecture is sending in 4 officials, 2 vetenarians and 2 hygenic technicians, from November 6, 2011. The four officials will be entering the 20km zone around the nuclear plant to work on capturing the dogs and cats using tranquilizer blowpipe. Because it is becoming an issue that these dogs and cats that were once pets owned by evacuated residents around the nuclear power plant are becoming feral, Fukushima prefecture called for assistance. It is the first time for Kyoto prefecture to send in their officials to Fukushima prefecture to capture dogs and cats. The actual work will be carried out from 7-11 and 14-18th. Two pairs of a vet and a technician will go inside the 20km zone by car and transport captured dogs and cats to animal shelters in Fukushima City. The officials will be carrying a geiger counter and when a total amount of radiation they will be exposed to reaches 95 µSv (micro Sievert), the work will be called off even during the planned period.


2 responses to “Dogs & Cats to Be Captured Inside Fukushima 20km No-Go Zone

  1. Why do they use the word ‘capture’ and not ‘rescue’? Dr. Imamoto, the vet who is actively working on the animal rescue from the 20km zone, will not be in the team.

  2. I believe they are going in to observe what effect the radiation had on these animals left there intentionally. and probably going in to terminate their existence.

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