TNR Japan Animal Welfare Hospital To Offer Operations For Free

TNR Japan Animal Welfare Hospital will be performing neuter/spay operations on dogs and cats that have been affected by the Fukushima nuclear accident at free of charge during the period of September 1 and September 30, 2011.

All the costs for the oprations will be covered by the donations; we would like to be part in helping the animals. We want to thank once again to those who have been offering us with financial support for animals that have been going throught a hardship by the disaster.

To those people who have been voluntarily partaking in animal rescue efforts, if you wish to have your dogs and cats neutered/spayed (regardless of your nationality or type of organization, corporate or even if you are individuals), please contact us vie this form. Please note that there is a limit to the capacity.

Story from Inu Neko Kyusai no Wa

FYI: this hospital has been offering such operations at very inexpensive price (in fact the cheapest I’ve ever found in Japan) for many years. For example, it’s 4,500 yen (appx. $60) for a male cat and 6,500 yen (appx. $80) for a female cat.


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