No More Reports on Rescue Activities Inside the No-Go Zone! A Desperate Plea by One Rescue Organization

The number of people who go inside the no-go zone to help the animals are not many at all, and we desperately need help to give them food and water.

However, we keep on getting reports lately from those individuals who voluntarily go inside that the only scarce number of routs they used to go there have been fully closed; they can’t go inside the zone anymore.

As these routs are being shut tightly, the police control is getting stricter.
We continue to fight as it’s a normal thing to save lives, but the current situation is going towards a bad direction despite our wish. We have been raising voices by delivering news to the public (about what’s happening inside the zone) in hope of breaking this worst situation (so that the government goes inside the zone to help rescue the animals) till today, but nothing has changed even a bit.

If every road is firmly closed with the government and police against us, there is not many things we could do.

The trueth is that we can’t save them if we can’t get inside the no-go zone. Even if I can go inside the area, the possibility of saving them decreases as more and more other individuals can’t get inside.

My plea to not circulate such information (about going inside the zone to rescue the animals) is desperate now, so the information (on the rescue activities) is not known (to the government and police) and the control won’t get stricter.

If there is a bit of possibility that those routs used by rescuers are taken away, I would really like to do my best to avoid that now. Until there is a positive direction such as that a lot of people would be allowed to go inside the zone for rescue openly, our organization would like to keep silence for a while about our activities inside the no-go zone, in order to protect the routes to save animals.

Photos that will be posted here will be noted as ‘From the Fukushima disastor area’ from now on for a while.

From Inu Neko Kyuzai no Wa


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