Dogs & Cats Clinging to Life inside 20km No-Go Zone – 3 : UPDATE

August 20, 2011
UPDATE on the black and white cat is available with a photo. Please scroll down.

Those websites and blogs reporting their animal rescue activities in Fukushima that I frequently check go very quiet in the weekends. That’s because they are busy traveling to inside the Fukushima 20km no-go zone to rescue still now left alone pets in the area.

By now, those dogs that are roaming inside the area are rather skittish and it’s not easy to rescue them without using a trap.

On the other hands, cats have become so hungry, many of them approach to humans or don’t run away that rescuers can catch them much easier than before, without using a trap. Sometimes, cats’ are so skinny that the trap door doesn’t shut…

Here is the translation of a story from one of the people/organization who rescued 1 dog and 5 cats over the weekend on July 23, 2011 in the evening after she returned from Fukushima:

We found a cat in a residential area, and as we followed him, there was another cat.

We assumed there are more cats in the area so we started to set up some traps. Then, a cat laying nearby on the ground came into our view. ….Is he dead? No, he looked totally gone, but still alive.

He was extremely dehydrated and was dying. We decided to take the cat to a vet at once, so we collected all the traps back into the car and rushed to a vet clinic outside the zone.

“Please don’t let us down, don’t die, hang in there!”

We were driving the car hurriedly as we prayed…. then we saw another cat sitting by the side of a main road.

Why is there a cat now, when we are so in a hurry??

We have no time to spare to rescue the cat at the moment. But we decided at least to leave some cat food, so we made a U-turn.

As we approached the cat, he didn’t seem to run away.
He just quietly sit there…
He would run away once we opened the door of our car, right?
One of us said she would go alone to feed the cat alone.

The cat kept sitting there even after she came out of the car. Still there as she walked towards the cat. So she grabbed the cat with bare hands 🙂
The cat knew we were so in a hurry?

A orange/white in a cage after she was picked up from a roadside.

The body temperature of the dying cat measured at 33.9 C. An average temperature for cats is usually 37.5-38.5C. The vet said, ‘the cat is in an unconscious state.’

As for the cat that was sitting by the roadside…

He looked unhappy to be kept its body inside clothes.
But his body is so light with only bone and skin.
It’s not easy to give him an injection. He was not skittish, he was probably waiting to be rescued.

Please live everyone. Happiness is waiting for you.

August 20, 2011
The black and white cat that was found nearly dead was released from the vet clinic as of today. His owner was identified, but since the family is living in a shelter where pets are not allowed, they’ve decided to let go of him; the organization is now looking for a foster family for the cat.

He's doing good now!


Also by the same organization…. a dog was rescued.
He apparently jumped into the car when they opened the door…. Poor dog, he’s suffering from a skin disease.


8 responses to “Dogs & Cats Clinging to Life inside 20km No-Go Zone – 3 : UPDATE

  1. Thank you for this report! I am praying for all the cats there. Please update us in a few days on how the cats are doing!

  2. Hi FaithJ,

    Sure I will! This weekend. 🙂

  3. I hope these animals get IV to help them recover. Without fluid, problems develop.

  4. Yes, the first thing they do to these animals at a vet clinic is to give IV.

  5. You are all wonderful people for the compassionate, caring and merciful work you are doing! May the world grant you the same kindness that you show these poor animals!! The whole world is watching your efforts. Blessings on all of you! -Michael, Australia

  6. @FaithJ: sorry, haven’t been able to update the news, but the black/white cat is alive as of August 4. He’s eating food though his kidney hasn’t fully recovered yet. I hope to post some updates on the cat very soon!

  7. Hi FaithJ,

    Just so you know that the black and white cat got out of the vet clinic as of today! However, the cat’s owner is living in a shelter where pets are not allowed so the organization is now looking for a foster family who could adopt him… 😦

  8. Thanks for the updates! So glad the black and white cat has made it! Maybe when his family can find a permament home they will come back for him. I hope so.

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