Lucky Ones Get To Go Home

Some happy stories to share here today.

Japan Animal Trust, a Osaka-based animal rescue organization, has been helping people affected by the Tsunami that hit the area of North East Japan, by offering shelters to their pets or looking for new families for those that lost their owners.

July 28, 2011

A family of one of the dogs from the tsunami-affected area we have been keeping at our shelter has now the environment in which they can live with their dog again. We took the dog back to her family. 

It’s a beagle dog ‘Sakura.’

“I want to see my daddy and mommy soon!”

And here we are at her home.

“I’m home!!”. It’s a reunion moment after some time of not seeing each other.

This is always a happy scene to see every time.

We took in Sakura around the time we first went to the tsunami-struck area.

In fact, Sakura was shocked with the earthquake that she ran out of her home.
Soon the tsunami hit the area.

She was missing even after one week the family evacuated from the area, and the family was about to give up (their hope).

Then, on the 8th day after the disaster, she was found on the second floor of a house in the neighborhood. The owners say it was a real miracle.

So the life has gone back to normal for them again, but how happy that really is actually.

This is really great.


July 30, 2011

A cat ‘Mokku’ we’ve been keeping temporarily from the disaster-affected area can now return back to his family after the owners moved into a temporary housing where pets are allowed.
Arrived at the airport (from Osaka where the cat was kept.)

“I want to go home soon!.”

Five hours after we arrived at the airport, we reached at the temporary housing where the family awaits.

Although the home is different now, he is reunited with his beloved family members.

The owners said “the cat had become big!”

They were all happy to see Mokku returning home in a healthy condition.

This is such a great moment.

We are really glad that the family is reunited once again.


2 responses to “Lucky Ones Get To Go Home

  1. wish they could all be Happy, thanks

  2. A great story! So glad to hear!

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