Two Lives Miraculously Survived Tsunami

Two lives have come to join a small crowd at one horse barn in Minamisoma recently. They are Dantsumuso, a horse and Hana, a dog.

They have gone through a tremendous experience that it’s almost a miracle that they survived the ordeal.  The area where they were kept before the Tsunami that hit on March 11, 2011, was located just by the Pacific Ocean and was completely wiped out and became an endless flattened area. A lot of people died there, and when the son of one family rushed to the area, his house was gone and he could do nothing but just stare out to the ocean. Then he saw a white dot floating in the water in distance. As he tried to figure out what it was, he saw the white horse that belonged to his family, swimming desperately towards the coast! He ran towards the horse to help him get out of the water, and saw the family dog also swimming right next to the horse! They were good friends from before and nobody knows how they managed to survive the Tsunami. They were probably freed by the family just before the Tsunami hit the area. These lives who unleashed the two creatures do not exist anymore. And for the horse and the dog who have seen it all, it’s hard for us to imagine what they’ve gone through without shedding tears.

They will be cared for at a horse barn together with other horses that also survived the Tsunami, as well as ponies and two dogs for one year. There were more than 100 lives of horses that died in the disaster, let’s wish the rest of the pair’s lives to be a peaceful one.

The white horse has already befriended with other horse Dooge-ji at his new place

Dantsumuso and Hana

Hana gets on so well with other two dogs. Three of them go for a walk together.

Three dogs going for a walk

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