‘Field of Hope – Fukushima’ (Farm Sanctuary) – UPDATE August 6, 2011

At last, there are some more updates available on the website.

As anticipated, a farm/ranch owned by a company Emu Bokujo Ltd. (M Stock Farm) within the Fukushima 20km no-go zone has been designated where the sanctuary is going to be, where more than 300 friendly cows are roaming freely after the area became closed for entry.

As for who exactly are working on this project. When the website went live, I saw some people questioning the credibility of the organization here and there in the internet world. The website (it’s more or less a blog actually) now has a list of those and to my wonderful surprise, I recognize many names! They are individuals who have been rescuing dogs and cats whose stories I’ve used several times in this blog. Moreover, the adviser to this project is Mr. T. Takamura, the politician I’ve referred to a few times in my blog! So, I do assure everyone that this is run by trustworthy people. The only concern is what the government going to do about it in the end.

It appears the government will be stepping up with the euthanizing of farm animals within the no-go zone. Now all chickens and pigs have been culled(well, chickens died from starvation..) except for a few pigs that were sent to a university research center, and a rumor says that cows and ostriches will be the next…

People are arguing that it’s the responsibility of Japan to keep these animals that have been exposed to the radiation alive, to show the world that even after the ordeal there are creatures still living, and the country could study the effects of radiation exposure to creatures.

M Stock Farm

An ostrich wandering the street of ghost town


One response to “‘Field of Hope – Fukushima’ (Farm Sanctuary) – UPDATE August 6, 2011

  1. These farmers are very brave. I hope their plan succeeds.

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