2 Books on Animals Left Inside the Fukushima 20km No-Go Zone On Sale Now

2 books with lots of photos of animals that have been left inside the Fukushima 20km no-go zone are on sale now.

1.“I’m sorry Gonta for what happened, but you are safe now.” by Toru Yamaji, a journalist.
Gonta? Not sure if it’s the same Gonta that has been talked about in this blog as I haven’t read the book yet…

2. “Animals Left Alone” by Kosuke Ota, a freelance cameraman.


2 responses to “2 Books on Animals Left Inside the Fukushima 20km No-Go Zone On Sale Now

  1. On Gonta chan book…It says click here to view but it doesn’t click over.
    So what does author mean by Gonta, I’m sorry, everythings OK now?
    Has this dog been rescued and living in a home with it’s owners now?
    For のこされた 動物たち—-I interpreted as Abandoned animals.
    Will book sale proceeds go to benefit to care for these pets? I wonder.

  2. Hi,
    These are just images, so by clicking on them it will not take you to any website.
    Gonta book: It’s about their activities to rescue, so I suppose they are talking about those they’ve rescued… I mean, everything is NOT ok yet the truth is, right? This book title is a catch-copy, which may work to some but not to some like us! Hmm.
    Abandoned animals: the word abandon may work, but since owners didn’t abandon them intentionally, I think ‘left-alone’ would fit better.
    Sale proceeds of the books: I do know that some of the proceeds from ‘Left alone book’ benefit those animals. Let me check on the first book…

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