All Pigs and Chickens Dead Inside Fukushima No-Go Zone

According Kahoku News on August 3, 2011, the government completed the culling of all pigs and chickens that were inside the no-go zone.

The government will start with the culling of cows in no time. Below is some extracts from the article.

“Fukushima prefecture that has been working on the culling of farm animals inside the 20km no-go zone in Fukushima, has completed the culling of 3,000 pigs, 50 cows and 400 chickens in the last 2 months as of end July. Combined with those that died from starvation, the ridding of all pigs and chickens is done and they will start on the cows in full effort soon.

“There were 30,000 pigs, 3,500 cows, 440,000 chickens from 320 farms inside the no-go zone just before the Fukushima nuclear accident. The area became forbidden to enter due to the accident and so the feeding of these animals became difficult. The prefecture has been culling these animals with permission from the farm stock owners since May 27.

“Mr. Maeda whose pig farm is within the no-go zone in Fukushima, had 2,000 pigs culled by end of July. He kept coming back to feed them even after the accident, but eventually agreed with the government’s request as ‘there would be more and more pigs that would die.’ His anger towards the nuclear plant is more than ever as he lost his most precious property.

“When the culling began on June 23 in Mr. Maeda’s farm, there were screams everywhere. He repeatedly told himself ‘There must be something wrong.’

“‘Lives that I created were taken away just like that. I wanted to scream at the people to get out of there.’ The culling by the Fukushima officials intermittently continued until July 27. For about a month, Mr. Maeda had to listen to the screams (of pigs).

“He was taking care of 3,000 pigs before the nuclear accident. After the accident, he was given a pass/permit to enter the zone so he could come back to feed them.

“But only thing he could from commuting to the farm was to feed these pigs. There used to be no single fly before, but the barn soon became filled with flies and bad smell. He accepted the government’s request in early May, as he didn’t want them to be in such miserable condition anymore.

“Some of the pigs were sent to Tokyo University and others for research purposes. They want to examine the effects of radiation.”


2 responses to “All Pigs and Chickens Dead Inside Fukushima No-Go Zone

  1. Were they using proper method to put down pigs? Why were the pigs screaming?

  2. According to various articles, they are following the guidelines to humanely put down with injection. I do think they were, but after all these things that happened, I just can’t trust the government anymore so I won’t/can’t say they were.

    Pigs were screaming probably because strangers chasing them around with needles?.. They were chased to a corner. How horrible.

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