Pet Rescue by Government – Latest Update

The following numbers of dogs and cats have been resuced by the government from 20km no-go zone around the Fukushima nuclear power plant, which started from May 10, upon requests by evacuees who got to return home for 2 hours.

May 10 : 9 dogs & 3 cats from Kawauchi Mura village (Sankei Newspaper)
164 evacuees from 99 households.
May 11: 2 dogs & 2 cats from Katsurao Mura village (Jiji Press).
27 evacuees from 17 households.
May 22: 5 dogs & 6 cats from Tamura city (Sankei Newspaper).
130 evacuees from 73 households.

May 23 & after :
50 dogs rescued
28 cats rescued

June 6, 7, 8 and 9:
43 dogs (18 of them were roaming dogs)
17 cats

June 10, 11, and 12:
14 dogs (5 of them were roaming dogs)
3 cats

June 14, and 15:
21 dogs (7 of them were roaming dogs)
7 cats

June 18, and 19:
20 dogs (3 of them were roaming dogs)
6 cats

June 21 and 22:
9 dogs (6 of them were roaming dogs)
3 cats (1 of them was a roaming cat)

June 25, 26 and 28:
26 dogs (2 of them were roaming dogs)
21 cats

June 29, July 1 and 2:
20 dogs (9 of them were roaming dogs)
17 cats (3 of them were roaming cats)

July 6, 7 and 9:
16 dogs (2 of them were roaming dogs)
12 cats (0 of them were roaming cats)

July 10, 14, 15, 16 & 17:
24 dogs (2 of them were roaming dogs)
18 cats (1 of them were roaming cats)

272 dogs rescued
26 dogs to be rescued(this means, official requests were made by the owners but yet to be rescued)
1 found dead (rescue request was made by the owner but was found dead)
87 roaming dogs seen

144 cats rescued
66 cats to be rescued(this means, official requests were made by the owners but yet to be rescued)
0 found dead
8 roaming cats seen

All rescued animals will be cleaned of radiation and kept at the government-run facilities up to one year.


14 responses to “Pet Rescue by Government – Latest Update

  1. Please hurry before its too late; and while Animals suffer!

  2. Please hurry and feed and water and rescue these poor animals so they don’t suffer anymore than they have…

  3. KeithInCanada

    Please hurry and rescue as many pets as you can from the nuclear exclusion zone.

  4. KeithInCanada

    The glacial pace of the government’s rescue attempts prove the betray of the children of Japan by their government.

    1. Japanese people may learn to question authority more promptly, this would be a good thing. Japanese history is full of people acting against the interests of Japan and her children simply because some emperor, prime minister, sho’gun, or whatever told them to. “Think and question authority,” is the lesson.

    2. By not letting people take their pets out of the exclusion zone Japanese authorities increased the human exposure to radiation by the number of trips made to feed them. So 36 trips and authorities have caused 36 times the radiation exposure to humans.

    3. Parents who did not feed their pets in the evacuation zone, who left family pets behind to die, will have given their children feelings of betrayal that may last for many decades.

    While the pets may have died, the pain and feelings of betrayal that Japanese children will feel towards their parents (and that thinking Japanese parents will feel towards their government) for abandoning pets will live on for decades.

  5. “All rescued animals will be cleaned of radiation and kept at the government-run facilities up to one year. ”
    And what will the government do to these animals at their government-run facilities? Probably all sorts of “research testing” that the Japanese are known for. Those poor animals. To lose their families, be near death and then go into government-run research testing programs where the Japanese government can test the effects of radiation exposure. I bet that government is happy more than happy to get these “live radiation test samples”.

  6. Hi C.HD,

    FYI, there are many parties watching the way the government is handling these rescued animals, both pets and farm after the 3.11 and these parties such as politicians, NPOs and individuals make sure that they won’t be treated badly in any way. The pets that have been rescued by the government are kept at shelter where people(NPOs and people who are looking for their lost pets) can visit freely. Please find some photos of this shelter at

    Animal testing does take place in Japan, unfortunately, but such activity is carried out very secretly and many ordinary people don’t know about it. For more information on animal testing/research in Japan, please visit

  7. Please gather hundreds of people or thousands and barg in and start rescuing the ones that have survived still that are barely hanging on!!! Please get the pets out of houses and apartments (they will never be rescued or have a chance!!)

  8. Pitiful small number of animals rescued !
    I personally published articles with documented numbers of animals in Fukushima at just under ONE MILLION pets and livestock, including horses, at the time of the disaster. NO-one should be happy about these numbers !
    During the time frames of these rescues, there were reported to be THOUSANDS of domestic pets still alive. They deliberately “starved them out.” And it’s still going on now, to those pets still clinging to life.
    Not to mention pets caught in animal traps !
    The fact that “Japan is against euthanizing animals” defies all logic !!
    How dare they take that stance, when they cheer slow death by starvation and thirst ! Japan has sacrificed it’s polite “image” by it’s deliberate systematic starvation of people’s pets and other animals.
    So why are “we”, the rest of the world, still treading softly around the Japanese government ?
    Isn’t it time for us to quit the pretense of reciprocal politeness ?
    Every single thing we have done so far has NOT worked !
    Japan is now #1 in the world for animal atrocities !!!

  9. I’m not sure about the fate of rescued pets after being held for one year by the government. How are they caring for them. What are they going to do with them after one year?
    More shelters are needed and more volunteers are needed to help care for the rescued pets at the shelters across Japan. These abandoned pets who thought their owners will come back to them patiently stay in their crates, happily waits for someone to come along to take them out for walks each day, if they’re lucky.

  10. I’m wondering if some of those pets can be safely trasport over here to the states to be adopted rather then keep seeing these pets in the shelters and not knowing their fate in the future?
    I think I remember the Japanese government saying they will keep rescued pets for up to one year. Time goes by quickly.
    It would be a long flight to the west coast of USA but if some of these homeless pets are strong enough to fly, they would have a good home here forever. They should waive the quarantine as long as the pets have been immunized and healthy. We just need someone with government help to provide a private or chartered plane equipped with veterinary care. Of course this has to be conducted in low key manner.
    We will adopt any size Akita to small. They will have home, be part of our family filled with love forever and will never be left behind.

  11. Hi Anonymous,

    I also thought about this very seriously. I live in Europe, in a country where no dogs and cats are euthanized just because they are unwanted.

    Many of those in Japan that are kept by NGOs are in desperately need of new homes. Unfortunately, many evacuees gave up the ownerships of these animals because their future is uncertain, their homes provided by the government don’t allow any pets or worse, there wasn’t enough love for those. Apparently 40% of those rescued out of the no-go zone whose owners have been identified are now unwanted, according to Minashigo Dog Cat Rescue organization.

    And as you probably know, these NGOs are struggling with securing places/shelters to keep them, as well as volunteer help to take care of them.

    I myself took two cats and one dog to Europe from Japan in the same airplane as I was on. It costed about US$800 for the two cats if I remember correctly… Of course you need to submit health certificates but it is totally doable. Can’t any airline company support this transportation financially?

    But then the question is… why from Japan? What about other dogs and cats in for example China?

    Oh well, it’s totally worth dwelling on this idea. I’m so sure many NGOs will be willing to raise their hands. I’d be happy to cordinate this!!

  12. there was a person from Texas who helped pay for the chartered plane during Katrina animal rescue and transported them into California. Also Doris Day Foundation did a big part in helping rescue the animals as well.
    Why not from Japan, this thread is about pets in Japan.
    I can also speak Japanese so I’d be great help for these pets if wanchan can come to me but we can only take two, city law.

  13. We don’t want to put animals in cargo area of planes because air pressure and temperature is unsafe inside the cargo part of the plane.
    The rescued animals I mentioned that I read about were transported inside the cabin where people normally sit. What they did was covered the floor and seats, they had most animals in the crates especially the small ones, had people on board who knew how to handle (including vets) and care for the animals and flew across states to safety. They carried emergency items like IV and waters.
    I have to add there are certain dogs may not take flight well such as pug nosed canines for a long flight at high altitude.

  14. Hi again,

    Well, there are always a special closed area where the temperature is kept at around 17-20c inside the cargo area in a commercial airplane, designed especially for the transportation of animals. Without this, the cargo gets like -30c!
    Anyway, yes, it’s much ideal & safe to fill one airplane with many animals with a vet. That would be extremely expensive but if there is a sponsor(s)…! This will be great.

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