Dogs & Cats Clinging to Life inside 20km No-Go Zone – 2

July 5, 2011
Another miracle report I found by a small organization Nekosama O-koku(literally translated ‘Kongdom of Dear Cat’). Around the end of June, they’ve gone inside the 20km no-go zone together with several cat owners/evacuees who sought help from the organization to look for their cats they had to leave behind.

One owner had three cats. One of them, Hana-chan, was an outdoor cat and she could get her out of the zone before April 22 when the zone was closed for entry. However, other two cats that were totally kept as indoor cats, she was not able to find them anymore. The day the terrible earthquake hit, she had to open the entrance door as a means to keep a safe way-out of the house and the startled cats ran out of the house. Ever since, despite her several attempts, she was not able to find them. This is the footage taken during her return to the home before April 22. There is no English subtitles, but one can see how messy inside the house because someone or some animals had come in. It also shows the outdoor cat Hana-chan is taken out of the area by Nekoama O-koku so she’s kept safe until the owner finds her new home where she can keep the cat again.

The rescue team has returned there several times even after the zone was close for entry to look for the missing indoor cats, but was unable to find them but around the end of June, they found them finally, alive.

“I was talking to the owner recently, and she said ‘it’s not the same anymore without Rin and Fu(the indoor cats)’. I once again went to the house because I really wanted to find them and reunite them with the owner, even if they were dead.”

“I went inside the house (the door to the house has been kept open for the cats to enter, just in case) and looked in rooms where cats could be hiding.” “Then I heard a growling sound from a closet in the bedroom. There it was! It was Rin, the same cat from the photo I was provided with. The cat looked weak and dirty, and I immediately went back to the car and grabbed a carry cage and returned to the room quietly.

Rin was safely captured!

A originally indoor cat, Rin survived her 3-months ordeal

She was skinny and boney and her fur lost its shine, but it’s indeed Rin! She had become as small as a kitten.

This meant, Rin’s daughter Fu must be also alive! I put many traps inside the house…..

….and captured her as well!

Fu was also captured safely as well

“It’s been more than 3 months since the disaster, and I assume the survival rate for total-indoor cats may be close to zero…..”

The owner didn’t leave much food when she had to evacuate the area.

“I was concerned for these cats all along, and since the area was closed for entry, it was too far and dangerous to get close to the house, as well as my car always became packed with cats before I could got to the house.”

“I was extremely happy, and although it was before 6 in the morning, I called up the cats’ owner and told her ‘I got Rin and Fu and they are both safe now!!'”

“I could hear the family cheering happily at the other end of the phone.”

“I’ve witnessed more tragic ends to the indoor cats in this disaster.”

“But this was a miracle incident.

It was worth leaving home at 4:30 in the morning!”

“While I was putting traps around the house, I heard a cat meowing from a house behind. I entered the garden and found a new but broken cage with a name tag on. I supposed the owner tried to capture the cat when she returned here for 2-hour-visit. The cat was black and white and when I came close to her, she walked away. Then she meowed sweetly and I believed this cat was Shiro as said on the tag, and so I set up a trap. She was easily captured.”

“The tag had the owner’s name and contact detail, so when I called her to see if this was the cat meant to be rescued out of the area…
…and indeed the cat belonged to her! In all, 8 cats were rescued that day and most of them were reunited with their owner on the same day at a vet clinic.”


4 responses to “Dogs & Cats Clinging to Life inside 20km No-Go Zone – 2

  1. what a wonderful news! Incredible these cats survived, all this time trying to survive without foods and WATER.

  2. As just now posted on my facebook…

    I am so very grateful they rescued SOME of the pets. I know it can’t be very many, but it still makes a difference to the beloved pets that were rescued… and their owners!

  3. Great article !!! Great outcome !! Like you, I’m also covering this situation, so to read such a positive story is refreshing and brings tears to my eyes. It also proves that there must be many more cats, desperate to also be rescued. Thank you for brining this to us. HUGS :=o)

  4. I’m so happy that they are able to rescue most of the animals! I’m astonished that they could survive for so long! Well, they are animals of course. They must have some kind of instinct on how to find food and etc. I can’t believe they were rescued! I’m so happy right now!

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