Man Busy Rescuing Farm Animals From Inside Fukushima 20km No-Go Zone

Here is an article about a 59-year-old farmer who has rescued more than 470 farm animals out of the Fukushima no-go zone in Asahi Newspaper dated 30 June, 2011.


Rescued 470 Farm Animals/Received Financial Support From Across Japan

There is a man who rescues cows and horses that were left within the 20km no-entry zone after the Tokyo Electronic Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant disaster and takes care of them while looking for people who are willing to take them in. The man is 59 year-old farmer who manages farm animal business in Iidate Mura village, Mr. Tokue Hosokawa. His work is supported by financial distribution of 50 million YEN (approximately US$630,000) as well as goods such as dried hay
he received from 700 organizations and individuals.

In mid March after the nuclear disaster, he received a call from a farmer he knew, from Niigata where the man evacuated to. “I left my cows. Is there any way they could be saved?” Next morning, Mr. Hosokawa headed to the farm together with his 25-year-old daughter, Miwa, and rescued eight cows.

The word had spread to other farmers who had to evacuate the area, and he received more rescue requests. So far, he has rescued 450 cows and 20 racing horses from 30 farms in Ookuma-Cho and Futaba-Cho. Depending on the farmers’ request, Mr. Hosokawa help sell the livestock or evacuate them to other pastures as far as Kyoto prefecture. He struggled to procure money for fuel and feed in the beginning, but as soon as his activities were known to people by media, he started to receive financial and material donations from around the country. In April, an American man who also manages stock farming in Oregon State visited him and gave him YEN20 million (approximately US$250,000) . There was also a man who came to him in a huge truck full of dried hay from Kanagawa prefecture.

Mr. Hosokawa holding a newly-born horse baby (looks like a donkey baby to me:)

Mr. Hosokawa is the third generation in the stock farming business in his family. There were always cows and horses around since he was a baby. “Cows and horses are my family. I just couldn’t watch them die.” In his 150 hector pasture in 6 locations, he keeps his 32 horses and 20 breeding cows, as well as 30 rescued cows till they find a buyer(s) and take care of them together with his wife Tamiko and his daughter Miwa. Although Iidate Mura village is a planned no-go zone at the moment, all villagers are requested to evacuate the area. “We will remain and take care of them in this village until we find another field”, says Mr. Hosokawa.


4 responses to “Man Busy Rescuing Farm Animals From Inside Fukushima 20km No-Go Zone

  1. I was very happy to hear about this. To hear about someone like Mr. Hosokawa who is a farmer himself and who is caring and willing to rescue farm animals from 20KM no-entry zone and taking care of them. He’s an angel along with his family. He said he couldn’t watch them left behind to suffer and die because the animals are his life, he grew up with the animals. He understands better than those who think the animals lives are secondary to human, Mr. Hosokawa treats all life is equal. Thank you Mr. Hosokawa and those who came forward to help donate to this very good cause. god bless!

  2. The man is holding a young Shetland Pony (miniature pony); it’s mother is probably the Pony standing next to the man, on the right. :=o)

  3. Yes, I agree. That is an adorable pony foal, not a donkey. God bless him.

  4. I wonder how he is doing now, 20 months later. I know in other areas they are still struggling to support the horses rescued.

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