‘It Was Too Late’ – graphic warning

One freelance cameraman lives in Tokyo with his family. His name is Mou-su and goes inside the 20km Fukushima no-go zone whenever he can with other individuals to rescue dogs and cats. Around the 10th of June, they witnessed terrible scenes during one of their rescue missions. Here is the translation of his blog.


It was too late.

We were asked to rescue cats and so headed to the house.
When we got there….

It’s fish bones.

I believe cats had eaten it.
I’m sorry for the fish, but it was for their survival.

When we looked into the pond, all kois (carps) were dead.
The water was rotten and it was emitting bad smell.

If cats eat such dead kois……

…. as we anticipated.

There was a dead cat.

It wasn’t that skinny,

So we think the cat died from having fallen into ill after eating rotten koi.

The cat was a young one.

There was another dead cat at a nearby barn.

This was also a young cat.

Poor cats….

We found cats’ droppings.

The contents were only fish scales and chicken feed.

They tried to survive.

But their immune system against illness was no longer strong.

It was too late.

We want to go there and get them as quickly as we can.

I imagine we’ll come across with this kind of situation more and more.

It gets us depressed.

We rescued two cats in this area.
There were also another two cats and we left a lot of cat food.

We will go back there again.


One response to “‘It Was Too Late’ – graphic warning

  1. It’s so sad to read and see what the rescuers find and I thank them for feeding and caring for the cats. The individuals and groups doing this are heroes for what they do.

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