Mr. Takamura Talks About Animals Left Inside the 20km No-Go Zone On TV

Unfortunately, I haven’t come across any news about the positive progress of the establishment of ‘Farm Sanctuary’, or ‘Field of Hope’ which idea has been submitted to the government by some ‘big’ people.

Some time ago, I read some news or posts by people involved in the project that it will be not managed or run by the government but will be independently controlled by ordinary people under the government’s surveillance with donations collected by those who consent with the idea across the nation. The bank account has been set up, as far as I could find, but what happened to the physical/actual building of the area? Are they still thinking about it? It’s been well over more than 2 months since the 20km zone was prohibited for people to enter.

In the meantime, a special report (45 minutes) on the lives of animals left within the no-go zone was broadcasted on one of the big TV staions on June 28, 2011. In the program, Mr. Takamura, one of the very few politicians who is working on the sanctuary idea,  was criticizing the government for not coming up with reasonable, efficient and hopeful solutions in a timely manner to help ease the agony of the farmers as well as those animals that are still alive.

Mr. Takamura reported that:
1. The government claims to the public that all dead animals within the 20km no-go zone are covered in lime powder topped with a blue plastic sheet for hygienic reason. However, he says that only 10 out of 300 farm/field locations have been treated with this method. As they are contaminated with radioactivity, these dead animals are not allowed to be buried so there are many dead animals lying around with bad smells and flies everywhere. Some dead animals are being eaten by other animals. They are not coping the hygienic issue as they say they are.

2. They estimate 2,000 cows are roaming in the area now. There were 35,000 cows before the disaster, but those tied inside the barn are likely to be dead by now.

3. With the approval from the owners, milk cows in the 20-30km zone are being euthanized. Many farmers named their milk cows and grew them as their family members. He questioned such treatment of the government that didn’t even check the radiation levels of all animals they have put to sleep is right.

4. There were many pigs for breeding grown in the 20km zone. On June 28, some of them were taken out of the area as a means to save their breed which farmers have worked on gene-improvement over several decades; it’s the locals’ treasures.

5. Dogs and cats in the area are now clinging to their lives. Many look miserable. (which pictures I will post soon.)


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