Works by Another NPO ‘Japan Animal Trust’

This NPO has its website in English and one can see their efforts in saving lives of animals affected by the Tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear power plant failure. They also have a blog (in English too!) in which they actively report on their daily happenings.

The NPO is located in Osaka but have a couple of employees/volunteers stationed in Fukushima. They focus their activities in taking in dogs and cats from owners who can’t keep them anymore temporarily or permanently, as well as those that were rescued by small organizations or individuals from the Fukushima no-go zone. Almost every morning, one of the members drive to the domestic airport in Yamagata prefecture, which is situated next to Fukushima, to air-ship dogs and cats they have taken in the previous day. These animals are sent to Osaka and kept at ‘Happy House’ which is run by the organization till the animals can be returned to their owners or find new owners. As Osaka is located some 550km (approximately 350miles), it’s less stressful for the animals to fly as it requires much less time than to transport them by car. Also in this way, one certain personnel can continuously stay at Fukushima and carry out their purpose more effectively.

After the dogs and cats are seen off at the airport in the morning, he/she returns to Tsunami-affected areas and visit as many shelters in the Tsunami-affected areas as possible to make sure animals kept there are doing alright. With the hot weather in a crowd of strangers around, some pets are getting sick. The organization is there to help such pet owners by offering them to take in their pets until their living conditions allow their pets to live comfortably together again.

By visiting these shelters, the evacuees also get to learn about what possibilities or opportunities for their loved pets. Japan Animal Trust is indeed a grass-root organization. their activities can be viewed here in English too!

This dog is about to board on a flight to Osaka.

So are these cats too!


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