Cat Kingdom Rescuing Dogs & Cats From Inside the 20km No-Go Zone

Cat Kingdom, one of the many NPO working on rescuing dogs and cats from inside the 20km no-go zone surrounding the Fukushima nuclear power plant even after the zone was shut for entry, went there with four evacuees who had to leave their pets behind, on June 18. The mission was of course to find their loved ones and bring them out, if they were still alive.

It’s been 2 months since the area was closed for entry, and many organizations who have helped save lives of those inside the zone are reaching or have reached the limit. Many of them don’t have enough foster parents or houses to keep them temporarily, financial or material means to keep dogs and cats which number seems to be endless.

Cat Kingdom is rescuing pets whose owners are there for them. In another words, they are focusing on helping pet owners whose dogs and/or cats are still inside the zone rather than rescuing dogs and cats randomly on streets.
All in all, we managed to rescue 11 dogs and 22 cats this time (2 days, 1 night spent in their cars).

Six cats out of these we rescued this time belonged to one lady, and they both did well for over 3 months; they were reunited.
The owner of this cat above, has brought her 2 cats and 2 dogs out of the area when she could go back to her home on a temporal visit (2 hours home-visit), but couldn’t find another one dog and one cat.  This time, although she couldn’t find her dog, she managed to get her cat(shown above). Since she still stays at a shelter, she’s not able to bring the cat back with her. But she was happy she could hold the cat during the night (inside the car) after 3 months.

Another cat owner, who manage to take one of her cats before, could find two other cats this time. 

…but she still has more cats she couldn’t find this time.

And another cat, ‘Kuro’. He managed to escape a trap last time, but this time his owner managed to get him.

Kuro relaxes at his new home with his owner

Then another elderly owner. It was getting rather late in the evening(so we didn’t take photos as we were in a hurry), but she managed to find her two beloved cats.

On our way out of the area, we tried to rescue as many cats and dogs as possible. At one area where it looked like a rice paddle field (all houses were washed away by the Tsunami), we already knew there was a white cat, so we stopped and called out ‘Kittyyyy!’ And out from one of the washed-away buildings, a white cat appeared and came to us weakly. 

A extremely skinny cat

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4 responses to “Cat Kingdom Rescuing Dogs & Cats From Inside the 20km No-Go Zone

  1. I’m so happy these groups are doing what they can to get as many animals rescued! Every individual and rescue group who has helped reduce the worry and anxiety for the evacuees by rescueing and caring for their animals should share a Nobel Prize and each be awarded a Genesis Award, given to them for possible sacrifice of future health to help animals and people. I have tons of respect for them!

  2. Love and Light to all those helping these poor animals!

  3. Hi voicingonbehalf,
    I’m wondering if you could pass the follwoing information to those Japanese animal rescuers who need shelter space for the animals they have resuced:
    Animal rescuers may contact “Animal Friends Niigata” 080-3256-4624 and “Heart-Tokushima” 088-635-5558 since both are building and expanding their shelter spaces for rescued animals. Thanks.

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