Latest Update – June 22, 2011

A group of politicians are still working on the realization of Farm Sanctuary… as some farm animals are being killed. So far, 200 pigs have died.

A fenced area which is used to corner roaming pigs

Pigs are sent inside the fenced area to be euthanized

They have survived the initial disaster and roamed the area freely. But now they are chased by people to be put to sleep.

Inside a dairy cow barn

A cattle, though he's free to roam outside stays inside its cow barn

The team was inside the 20km no-go zone to examine the status but also brought back 3 dogs and 14 cats with them out of the area. All photos and content are derived from


3 responses to “Latest Update – June 22, 2011

  1. Why are they killing the pigs? They could be kept alive and then moved to the farm sanctuary. And that poor cow sees that carcass and is probably traumatized so much but powerless to go anywhere. Rep. Takamura is trying to get the farm sanctuary going and the central govt. starts killing the pigs. Hasn’t there been enough death without more killing?

  2. You are totally right.
    Those animals survived the Tsunami too, and people are killing them. How cruel can some people be? I also read a blog post by a vet about his fellow vet explaining what he has to do (injecting animals to euthanize them) in the fields. He was explaining things in detail as he wiped his tears.
    I also read some farmers were threatened to sign documents by officials so they could euthanize the animals…. while compensation scheme hasn’t been finalized. Seriously, how could any government ask for approval to kill them when they haven’t decided on the details of compensation? That is so unfair and sick. Intolerable!!

  3. Just to clarify… I don’t mean to say here animals can be euthanized after the compensation scheme is finalized. What I’m saying is, farmers are going through a lot… They lost their jobs because their farm animals can’t be sold anymore. And the government isn’t clear on how they will take care of them. The future for the farmers are extremely uncertain. In fact, not only one, but 5 farmers are said to have killed themselves in the area…. The government is acting too aggressively!

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