When Will Dogs & Cats Be Really Rescued Out Of The No-Go Zone In Fukushima?

There is a young vet, Mr. Imamoto, who has been active in trying to save both pets and farm animals trapped around the 20km no-go zone from the damaged nuclear power plant in Fukushima. He appeared on TV live three times in the last 10 days explaining what is happening within the zone and what needs to be done. Apparently, TV Asahi, one of the nation-wide TV stations in Japan, received a lot of positive feedback about his appearance as well as more questions about the issue from the viewers when he first appeared on TV and so he’s been busy traveling back and forth from Nara and Tokyo recently.

He has been also working together with some politicians on the issue. According to Mr. Imamoto, Fukushima Veterinary Association announced today, to construct a body/organization  in order to conduct immediate big-scale rescue operations for pets that are still left inside the no-go zone based on the request made by Fukushima prefecture.

Author’s reaction: Well, it’s been nearly 3 months!! Why is everything taking so slow in Japan??? Although evacuees who get to return home for up to 2 hours can now take their dogs and cats out, it has not solved the issue. I’d assume 1,000 to 1,500 dogs and cats may have been rescued out of the area by NPOs and individuals so far, but there said to be more than 5,800 registered dogs and unknown number of cats.
It seems there needs a serious revolution to take place so the government does what ordinary citizens want them to do; the Japanese government isn’t really a democratic nation yet. Like Gandhi says, “You can judge a nation’s moral progress by how it treats its animals.” Japan is said to be a wealthy nation but it is still morally behind. It’s just maybe good at food and coming up with some technologies. Humans are not the only creatures on earth. Respect for other lives!!


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