UPDATE: Pigs Will Be Out Of 20km No-Go Zone!

Thanks to all the hard work of people who understand the preciousness of all animal lives. They are politicians, NPOs and individuals of both Japanese and foreign.

As of this moment, the Japanese government decided to let the pigs out of the no-entry area which is within 20km distance from the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant. The initial decision by the Japanese government on the lives of farm animals was to euthanize all of them.

Although it hasn’t said of where these pigs will be taken to, they will not be culled or used for any animal experiment; their lives will be saved!!

What does this mean then? Is the ‘farm sanctuary’ plan going to take place?
How about other farm animals such as cows, goats, chickens and others?

What about dogs and cats?
The latest development regarding pets (dogs and cats) is that a group consisted of 26 vets and 6 experts(radiation experts maybe?) will be entering the area on 22nd Sunday to start rescuing them. Until then, city, town and village officials are, according to Mr. Tamaki a member of the House of Representative who has been working hard on saving animals after the Tsunami, feeding dogs and cats that they see on the streets.

Apparently, the ‘piggy news’ just came out in the late afternoon on Friday so I can’t find much detailed information on this, but there will be lots of updates this weekend hopefully. ๐Ÿ™‚

FYI, there was a meeting at the US Embassy in Tokyo today where Japanese politicians met with American experts on the ‘effects of nuclear radiation on creatures’.

I see lots of positive tweets and talks by some politicians and vets who have been working hard on saving them… Will a farm sanctuary be realized….?

UPDATE: these pigs will be relocated to a farm ran by Animal Resource Science Center, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, University of Tokyo. No animal experiment, but they will be observing the effects of radiation of those pigs. Their website in English is available atย


9 responses to “UPDATE: Pigs Will Be Out Of 20km No-Go Zone!

  1. What about the pets left in houses and tied up in yards?

  2. Hi BG,

    Thank you for your post.
    To be honest, that is something I’ve been trying to find out in detail. And that’s something that breaks my heart when I think of the worst case…

    When NPOs are asked by people to go inside the no-go zone to rescue them, NPOs need to get a permit from city/town/village. Once they get a permit, they can go in, even today after it became strictly forbidden for entry. This is the legal way but lots of red tape and time-taking. There are some NPOs or individuals sneaking inside the area to rescue them still now. Some owners give their keys to such rescue people so they can get inside the house.

    A lot of evacuees and NPOs left lots of food and put their cats out when they learnt they would not be able to return. But there were so many people who could not go back in the zone because they simply didn’t have a means to get in and didn’t know there were volunteers who would have gone in to save them on their behalf…. I’m planning to create a page where one can witness the horrible outcome of the plight because of non-flexible government.

  3. Thanks for getting back to me. It is so sad to think of those poor animals being locked in and tied up, they must be so confused and be wondering what has happened to their owners. You are doing a great job posting all of this.

  4. my e-mail address appears to be showing on the site. could you please remove it? Many thanks.

  5. Thank you BG. ๐Ÿ™‚ I just want people around the world to know how the Japanese government is ‘behind’ with the treatment of animal lives among the developed nations as well as there are so many NPOs and individuals who fight for this.

  6. My e-mail address is still showing?

  7. Hi BG, I deleted all your email address and I don’t see them anymore… I noticed I see mine as well when I logged in, but don’t see it when I’m not logged in.

  8. I am puzzled that it’s been 3 months since the tri-disaster occured, how come there’re still so many families not knwoing there’re animal rescue groups can help and shelter thier pets. JEARS volunteers are passing out flies in the would-be-evacuated and already-evacuated areas, As we overseas animal lovers have been seeing a lot of reports and video clips from local Japanes TV programs about animal rescue activities in the disaster-stricken areas. I believe the evacuees in shelters (or in homes of friends and relatives) should still have access to TV and/or newspapers. So many people live together in the crowded shelters, information should be passed around really quickly. Or they could simply ask (their vets, friends, relatives or local gov’t officials etc) if any help is available for their pets. I am wondering if those legitimate animal groups could buy (or ask for free) TV time or newspaper space to advertise their rescue activities. I could not understand this kind of lack of communication and information happening in a wealthy and high-tech country. Thank you.

  9. Hi Sandy,

    Thank you for your comment.

    I also wondered the same thing about why evacuees not know there are many NPOs who would taken in their dogs, cats and other sort of companion animals until they find a permanent housing where they can keep animals, at free of charge. If you keep dogs and cats, you love them and take care of them with responsibility, and if there is a disaster, you would seek help for any possibilities… That’s what I would do, but apparently not everyone has such way of thinking.

    The issues of people not knowing about the available help was pointed out by NPOs and some politicians some time ago and many local authorities who manage evacuees’ shelters are now said to be posting notes that their pet animals can be saved. I also came across an article with photos about a special help desk to assist people who left their pets at home was set up within such shelters but that started to take place just few weeks ago.

    As far as I know, there has been no ads on TV or newspapers to inform people of this help. However, some TV stations that ran special programs on these left-animals did give phone numbers where people can reach for help to rescue their pets. I was really astonished when I saw no mentioning of word such as ‘pets’ or ‘animals’ in the ‘classified ads’ where a lot of information on available helps for people who were affected by the Tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear accident were posted in one of the local newspapers in Fukushima about 6 weeks ago. I hope such ads were placed on other days that I just simply didn’t come across them..

    Big NPOs such as UKC Japan and JEARS are some of the few who actively started to distribute such flyers at an early stage, but I’m not sure if they did(could do) it at all shelters.

    Although the number of people who are not informed of this should be little by now, again, there may be still some people especially elderly who take refuge at a place that’s far from their original homes don’t know about it. And I do think there are also some who on purpose don’t seek for help from these NPOs unfortunately even if they are aware of such help… The reasons are that they may be feeling embarrassed to ask for help from others for their pets when people are busy surviving after the Tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear tragedy or they just don’t care about these animals enough…

    If the government included such notice from much earlier stage, I believe things would have been very different.

    Best regards,

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