Will Farm Animals Be Let To Live?

While NPOs and individuals are constantly busy saving lives of dogs and cats from the tsunami-hit areas including around the Fukushima No.1 Nuclear power plant, some politicians are busy working on overturning the initial announcement to cull all farm animals that are left within the 20km no-go zone. Many Japanese are anxious and nervous of learning the next announcement from the government, as many Japanese NPOs are issuing statements, letters, announcement, etc. to the Japanese publics or other international NPOs…

After Kan Prime Minister told directly to Mr. Takamura (, a member of the House of Representative, to come up with a detailed and concrete plan to keep farm animals alive, Mr. Takamura is busy going to Fukushima and meet the local officials to start working on the plan. He’s tweeting every hour to report on the progress. 

According to Yuichiro Tamaki (, another main politicians who has been busy calling for the Kan Government to treat animals that were left within the 20km no-go zone 
with respect, i.e., not to euthanize them, some Fukushima local governments are considering of entering the area for the purpose of feeding and rescuing dogs and cats prior to the next evacuees’ return to one of the villages/towns/cities (Tamura city) that is scheduled on May 22.

This is simply because pets’ lives are getting more at risk if they wait until the 22nd.
For this, Japan Veterinary Medical Association (JVMA) is now recruiting vets who would like to join in the rescue ( Although there is no official announcement by the government on this rescue and feeding mission, if JVMA started looking for vets to help them, it’s extremely a good sign! 

Please write to Kan Prime Minister asking his government to help both farm and pet animals.

Please also write an encouraging email to Mr. Takamura at or  twitter (though in Japanese only) him at @tsutomutakamura, as well as to Mr. Tamaki at @tamakiyuichiro .

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