Fukushima’s Pet Shelters (& Minashigo NPO’s great work)

One NPO, ‘Inu Neko Minashigo Kyuentai’ (hereafter ‘Minashigo’), visited a government-run shelter where dogs and cats that have been brought out of the 20km no-go zone by the government are/will be kept for up to one year. This facility is an old warehouse which has been rented out to the government recently for this urgent situation. According to Minashigo blog, those pets that were rescued on May 10th & 11th are kept here as well.

an old warehouse where dogs and cats are kept

a Minashigo stuff member checks out on pets

Since they also posted another good story in their blog today, I would like to share it with everyone.

This NPO has been working immediately after the Tsunami hit, and have rescued more than 300 animals. They are now concentrating on bringing out pets from the 20-30km zone, which is said to close down for entry in the near future. Their target animals are roaming dogs and cats whose owners are unknown as well as injured ones. In their today’s blog, they found an injured dog from a fight with another dog(s), a goat and more dogs… Since it’s difficult to come closer to now-turned-half-wild dogs, the Minashigo members are trying to tame them every day by feeding them so they can win their trust.

an injured dog is rescued by Minashigo

a goat tied to a pole in the field

a goat is being transported to a safer area after getting owner's permission

stray dogs roaming on the street

For more photos, please visit their blog at:

PS: I often find the man in the photos above everywhere on internet. He used to be a pet store owner, but after witnessing irresponsible customers who got rid of pets they bought at his store so easily, he started questioning about people’s lack of appreciation for animals lives. He quit his job and started to work for this NPO where he can not only rescue animals but educate people. A heart-warming story! 🙂


2 responses to “Fukushima’s Pet Shelters (& Minashigo NPO’s great work)

  1. J Marie and Jim Pickard

    This is one story that gives those of us following the animal situation since the beginning, a sense of hope and respect. With a government that continues to NOT listen to its citizens and allows for the torture of animals, there comes this story that says there are many Japanese citizens who care and take things into their own hands. I ask that good fortune, good health, and good everything follows all of you wherever you go for all of your lives! Respect and admiration to the man in these pictures.

  2. Thank you J Marie and Jim Pickard! I will deliver the message to Minashigo.

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