Evacuees Can Bring Their Pets Out Of No-Go Zone! – UPDATE

Jiji Press reports that on May 9, 2011, it has become official that the Ministry of Environment and Fukushima prefecture will be working together to collect evacuees’ pets out of the 20km no-go zone. Evacuees are returning home for several hours to collect their valuables starting May 10, and they are requested to keep their pets tied in the garden so the officials can come and collect them the next day. Those pets that will be brought out of the area will be sheltered at prefecture-run facilities, and they will be cleaned of radiation if they fail a radio activity contamination screening test.


7 responses to “Evacuees Can Bring Their Pets Out Of No-Go Zone! – UPDATE

  1. After nearly 2 months, the Japanese government decides to go rescue the hungry, dyeing and lonely pets out of the no-go zone, IF they are still alive. Again, one can witness the slowness and dumbness of the government.
    But how could anyone keep cats tied in the garden over night? That does not really sound very realistic or ‘normal’ way to do… Can evacuees return home with cages? How about pet birds? (though they are very likely to be dead by now..) What if they can’t find their dogs or cats during the few hours they spend in their homes?
    There are still many vague points that need to be clarified. I’m personally not satisfied at all with this.

  2. joy benemann

    I am very relieved that the govenment is doing something at last. I really like the video of the woman with nine cats. I think she has a good point about Japan being a country that people can no longer respect. I for one have lost all respect for Japan, and they should think about that no respect means no buying Japanese products. So I really hope all the workers give it the best they have got to rescue the animals.
    Sincerely Joy Benemann

  3. I had hoped that the rescue groups would have been allowed to go in and do the rescues like after Katrina, when our govt. screwed up by not letting pets evacuate with people. There’s no way you can tether a cat! I know my cats would have ME tied up by the next morning. Mr. Tamaki tweeted me Sat. after I asked about rescue groups going in, and he said Fukushima Pref. will definitely need them. Now I better ask him “What happened?”. Geez, this has been like doing root canal on an alligator without anesthesia!

  4. Joy, I am angry at the Japanese government for not acting on day 1 by providing shelter space for pets when evacuating was necessary. But I wouldn’t blame the entire population of Japan by boycotting products since the ecomony took a sharp hit after the earthquake and tsunami. And there appears to be alot of pet lovers in Japan of all ages who are pet guardians and for change in the laws regarding animals! So I wouldn’t say I disrespect the entire country, but the govt. and TEPCO are on my shit list!

  5. Thank you for your message Joan!
    Totally, the Japanese government and TEPCO are the villains, they are SO no good!! The government is so slow and many Japanese especially in the countryside such as Fukushima do more or less what they are told. I would never be able to evacuate my home leaving 1 dog and 3 cats behind, NEVER!! I came across one article about a man who refused to leave the house without his dog, saying to the officials he’d rather die with his dog than to leave the area alone. So they allowed him to leave the place with his dog after 3 days of resistance. People need to stand up for their rights!!

    However, thanks to internet, a lot of information related to what’s going on is circulated around the world and I see there is more and more pressure on the government from inside and outside Japan. I sincerely hope they will get together and handle this situation properly and rightly. Our(animallovers) fight will continue…

  6. hertbteacking video, whenthey found that dead dog! I brought me to tears, how could the Japan Government allowed for two months to pass with out rescuing them? I understand maybe couple of days but weeks and months? animals just like humans cant survive with out food and water for 2 months! glad many were rescue, sad some look in bad shape. Please Japan include animals in your disaster relief next time a disaster hits! dont forget them and have this awful situation happen again. Is heartbreacking!!!! they dont deserve to dye this way, waiting for there owner or a helping hand w no food or water……way and awful way to dye and live….my prayers are with all those owner that had to live there beloved animal behind! No one should be force to leave their cat or dog or any animal behind, specially in a disaster. Very upsetting@!!

  7. The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

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