Demonstration To Allow Animal Rescue in Nuclear No-Go Zone Held

On Sunday May 8, a demonstration was held to call for government to rescue animals, both pets and livestock which have been left behind within the nuclear no-go zone (20km from the Fukushima nuclear power plant). The demonstration lasted for about one hour, and some 600 people marched from a park in Shibuya, one of the very crowded cities in Tokyo, via Tepco office building throughout the busy streets. Both national and international medias also came, and many interviews were made.

One of the pickets used at the demonstration here on the right says, ‘Where did my mother go? She has never come back since that day. I’m so hungry and I can’t stand up anymore…..’

‘We want to go inside the 20km zone to help them!’
‘Let vets go inside the zone!’
‘We are going to save the animals within the 20km zone!’
‘Dogs want to live too!’
‘Cats want to live too!’
‘Don’t negletct the animals within the 20km zone!
‘Don’t ignore the pet owners within the 20km zone!
‘Animals’ lives are as valuable as ours!’


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