Official: Pets Can Be Brought Out Of No-Go Zone

On May 4, according to Fukushima Minpo Newspaper, the government decided to let the evacuees return home inside the nuclear no-go zone temporarily starting next week, rather than from mid-May it initially planned.

The government also decided that the evacuees can bring back their cars and pets. Cars are likely to be out of battery, so battery chargers will be supplied. It is estimated there are more than 9,000 vehicles within the area. As for pets, the government will organize a way to transport pets the evacuees wish to take with, all at once. But this will likely to take place sometime end of May.


2 responses to “Official: Pets Can Be Brought Out Of No-Go Zone

  1. After nearly 2 months!!! How many of the indoor pets would be still alive by the time they return home next week??

  2. It is sad and heartbreaking to imagine the suffering these animals are going through and to imagine how many have died a slow, painful death. All rescue groups must present a plan to the Japanese government and work together to ensure suffering like this never happens again! In the USA we went through this during Katrina and then rescue groups were able to come in to save animals. After that, legislation was passed to make pet evacuation permitted with all human evacuation. I hope Japan does that as well! Joan Stringer

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