Current Status, May 3, 2011

Ever since the nuclear no-go zone was closed for entry, many angry organizations and individuals in Japan as well as some from overseas have been working extremely hard to; 1) press the national/local governments and politicians to let NPOs enter the area again, 2) allow evacuees who will be returning home for few hours starting next week to take their pets along with their valuables, and 3) to rescue livestock from the area.

Due to the slow or no reaction from the governmental organizations, many Many people in Japan are getting extremely frustrated (along with many other issues…).

Here are some latest news:

  1. Twenty-six horses which are used for a traditional Japanese festival in Fukushima prefecture were removed from the no-go zone andhave been relocated to a safe area on May 2, 2011.
  2. Many pets are not allowed at shelters where people are taking refuge, and finding temporal housings where pets are welcome appear to be extremely difficult. Although quite many NPOs and individual volunteers are offering to keep such pets for an unlimited period of time at no charge, the number of pets in need of such help substantially exceeds the supply.

    Some owners are giving up their pets. More and more shelters to keep such animals are currently being built around the country.

    Thus, a lot of financial and material help is sought by NPOs.

  3. Although the number is quite disappointing, the Ministry of Environment and Fukushima prefecture have rescued some pets from within 20 km no-go zone.
  • Apr 28: rescued 5 dogs & 1 cat
  • Apr 29: 5 dogs
  • Apr 30: 4 dogs
  • May 1: 10 dogs & 1 cat

    In addition to the rescue, they are making sure to feed enough food for at least a week till their owners’ return next week (after more than 40 days!!).

More updates to follow when they become available.


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