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Here is a blog ran by a lady who has been going into the danger zone to rescue animals. The below journal in English was posted on April 13, 2011, reporting on the condition of what’s happening within the 20km of the damaged nuclear power plant as well as asking readers to send emails to the prime minister and its cabinet to help rescue the animals on a national level. Please write to them and make your voices heard!

The Actual Condition of A Nuclear Power Plant within A Danger Zone of 20 kilometers

We go to the danger zone that a lot of animals are left.

We drive the residential area, and see many animals including cows and horses that still remain in a danger zone.

Some of cows have been walking here and there in the central city to get feed.
On the other hand, some of horses have already died on the street.
Even though many people and groups of volunteer try to rescue these animals from a danger zone of 20 kilometers, it is still very short of help.

One of owners who keeps a pet told us about emergency evacuation in Fukushima prefecture.
The Japanese government explained that residents can come back the living place after few days, and people can’t bring their pets to a place of refuge.
However, in fact, residents still cannot come back their home because of a nuclear power plant.
This owner of a pet told us that he lost everything including a home, a car, and a pet.

A lot of owners who keep a pet thought that their pet have already died because they don’t have a car to go to meet a pet, and don’t know about a group of volunteer to protect pets.
In addition, people who live in Touhoku are very reserved.
So, they think that they give other people trouble and annoyance if they bring their pet to a place of refuge.

It is difficult for the volunteers to protect pets that still remain at the house without a permission of the pet’s owner.
Unfortunately, some of dogs and cats have already died as they don’t get feed.

In this difficult condition, the owners of pet will be able to find new hope and new way if they know their pet still live a life in that area, and they can meet them again.

The owners of pet have been worried about their pet, and they have regretted to left their pet in the house.

One of owners who take a dog that the volunteers rescued said to us, “ I didn’t believe that my dog still live a life.
I had been sorry about what I had done for a month. Anyway, I just thank you to find and rescue my dog.
Thank you for giving a hope to live a life.”

— The dog that is on the verge of starvation as he can’t move because of coil a rope around him. —

— The dog that still have waited his owner in front of the entrance of the house even though his owner let the dog run loose when the owner go to a place of refuge —

— The dog that runs away because of aftershocks —

— The dog that looks at her owner’s house again and again when she ride on the car after rescue from volunteers —

— The dog has thin body as he can’t get food, and he eats food with reserve —

— The cat is staying at her partially-destroyed house —

— The cats that clustered around a dumping ground to get little garbage from the kitchen —

— The dog is so happy because she missed the people a great deal —

Can we find the owner of pet? Can they live a life together if we find the owner?
It is so hard to find the temporary custody to stay for pets. We can only protect a few dogs and cats.

The only thing which we can do is to give feed, to speak and to encourage them.
We just pray to God that all pets keep living a life for a long time, and meet their owner again.

We became so happy because we could see this dog looks like smiling.

In this day, we protected a dog, and went to a public health center.
Next, we said to the staff, “please let a dog take screening for radioactivity same as us.”
Then, we couldn’t believe what he speaks. The one of stuffs said to us, “Do they need it?”
Anyway, there was no problem about screening for radioactivity.

Recently, it became “level 7” about the accident of a nuclear power plant in Fukushima (It was level 5).
The Japanese government doesn’t allow entering this area.

Even people who work in mass media don’t enter to a danger zone within 20 kilometer from a nuclear power plant.
They ask the volunteer’s people to take pictures with camera.

Even pets that can survive fortunately, they don’t have enough strength left to hold out much longer mentally and physically because they have been taken an anxiety since their owners don’t come back.

All of them have their house and family.

We know we can only few things for animals.
Also, we would be powerless to do anything even though we try to help and rescue them.
However, we hope you to recognize actual situation what happens in Fukushima.

A lot of animals are still living a life. We are able to rescue them.

We eager you to pray that all of animals that are still left within a danger area keep living a life until the volunteers protect them, and meet their owners again as soon as possible they can.

“Let’s rescue and protect animals from a danger zone of a nuclear power plant ! ”
Please send an e-mail to the Japanese government about this problem. 
Thank you for your cooperation.


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